Digital technologies – provisonal, an experiment

Shan Wareing, UAL’s Dean of Learning and Teaching Development, presented the University’s strategy for technology enhanced learning and teaching at CSM’s recent digital literacy staff event.  In doing so she noted that ‘our practice involving digital is like our teaching and research – provisional, an experiment.’  This simple statement provides a firm platform or guidance for the way in which we might approach the continuing exploration of digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching – as an ongoing creative experiment.

Shan explained that digital technologies should not lead engagement, and offered a series of questions that educators considering the use of digital tools should ask themselves:

Does the provision start from the student’s needs and viewpoint?

Does it streamline or improve an existing function or activity?

Is the educational function foregrounded in the minds of the students and tutors?

Shan’s PowerPoint presentation

In the near future we hope to upload a video of Shan’s presentation on this post.