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Recently launched, and spearheaded by Stephen Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Development, the University’s Digital Life programme is ambitious and expansive.

Initially Digital Life will act as an umbrella programme encompassing many of the UAL’s existing projects, such as the VLE, Digital Literacy for staff and students, and institutional websites. The Digital Life executive team, including Frances Corner, Nancy Turner and Martin James, will oversee the programme and ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach to the management and development of digital projects. Central to Digital Life is the belief that it must not prohibit experimentation with new digital learning.

The Digital Life stated vision:

We provide an inspirational digital experience through rapid, future oriented and continuous innovation that:

  • focuses on our students and the arts
  • transcends university, college and departmental boundaries
  • promotes learning, collaboration, mobility and community.

The definition of a Digital Life is as follows:

The use of online tools and services that allow an individual to live an online life to such an extent that it complements and in some cases replaces physical interaction; a life that is rich, rewarding, immersive, compelling, collaborative, involved, socially engaging and diverse; a life using a mesh of online services where concerns of privacy and ownership are unimportant.

This focus on digital technologies is important as they are deeply embedded in the daily lives of our students, and increasingly younger learners have high expectations of using digital tools and social media in higher education.

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The types of products and services that are part of the programme include:

  • Digital Literacy for Staff and Students
  • Websites (all websites)
  • Virtual and Distance Learning
  • Online Library & Search
  • JISC initiatives
  • Student/Staff Portals and intranets.

Useful publications about technology-enhanced practice produced by JISC include Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology, and Learning Literacies for a Digital Age.

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