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Colleagues share insights about the new digital tool OTTeR created at CSM

The oscillating social, political and cultural interpretations of digital technologies are highly complex and contested. However, with 1 billion people using Facebook each month, and further extraordinary statistics relating to social media and digital technologies being published daily, it is becoming increasingly important for citizens and educators to familiarise themselves with new and evolving information communications technologies.

The College is keen to provide various ways for colleagues to develop confidence and competence in the use of these technologies. As such, a project called ‘Digital Present’ has been developed with the aim of supporting staff digital literacy.  Aligned to a ‘communities of practice’ approach, it is designed to supplement existing training, IT support and PPD. Already we have produced four informal drop-in Learning Studios where colleagues from across the College can share information about the ways in which they are exploring different digital tools and social media.  September’s well received CSM All Staff Digital Literacy Event provided an intense afternoon focused on technology enhanced learning, and the Digital Present blog has just launched.

Communities also appear to be an effective way for organizations to handle unstructured problems and to share knowledge outside of the traditional structural boundaries. In addition, the community concept is acknowledged to be a means of developing and maintaining long-term organizational memory.

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The University has recently launched its Digital Life programme, spearheaded by Stephen Reid, with the goal of coordinating multiple digital initiatives at UAL – including DIAL, the VLE, and myArts. The Digital Life steering group includes Frances Corner, Nancy Turner (CLTAD) and Dee Searle (Communications).  An article about the Digital Life programme will be posted in the near future.

The focus on digital literacy at CSM is a key strategic priority for the forthcoming years.

CLTAD PPD guidelines:  CLTAD_PPD_guidelines_2011