Blogging: how to use myblog.arts

Image from blog post on urban art

Image from blog post on urban art

A blog is an online reflective journal where other internet users can post comments – there are over 160 million blogs in existence. Blogs are regularly used for commentary or for personal reflection, and at CSM many students are using blogs as part of their learning activities, and staff as part of their practice.

The University’s blog service is called myblog.arts and is part of the institutional virtual learning environment (VLE). Different courses from across the College have adopted blogs in a number of ways, such as supporting collaborative student projects or personal reflection.

Think through what you want to achieve and with whom, then seek the most appropriate tool for the purpose, even if it means exploring unfamiliar territory.

JISC, Effective Practice in a Digital Age, 2009

Blog image about contemporary urban art

Image from blog post about contemporary urban art

If you are uncertain how to create a blog, write and publish a post, or leave a comment on someone else’s blog, then CLTAD has created a series of easy step-by-step video guides that will take you through the process.