LCF blog: learning video guidelines

LCF Learning video guides

LCF learning video guides

Ollie Furlong is LCF’s Learning Technology Support Manager, and is at the forefront of the College’s learning video production, as well as its new lecture capture system.  He and his colleagues have created a blog that focuses on different aspects of learning videos, including a really helpful section of reference links. Continue reading

Related to the database

connected commuters

Connected commuters

This blog is aware (for those who read those words as a philosophical provocation, please contact Jamie Brassett, MA Innovation Management) that the mere hint of the word ‘database’ has the shutters of many imaginations slamming.  However, we are all connected in myriad ways through, and in, relational databases.

Data ebbs and flows across the messy digital landscape.  When converging and concentrated, data produces relations or disassociations. Continue reading

UAL Digital Life programme

Nick desk

A familiar 21c office desktop

Recently launched, and spearheaded by Stephen Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Development, the University’s Digital Life programme is ambitious and expansive.

Initially Digital Life will act as an umbrella programme encompassing many of the UAL’s existing projects, such as the VLE, Digital Literacy for staff and students, and institutional websites. The Digital Life executive team, including Frances Corner, Nancy Turner and Martin James, will oversee the programme and ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach to the management and development of digital projects. Central to Digital Life is the belief that it must not prohibit experimentation with new digital learning. Continue reading

Workflow: Using learning technologies to create a reflective PPD portfolio tool

Workflow: landing page

Workflow is an e-portfolio learning tool piloted by students within the BA Graphic Design course between January and June 2011. Developed by the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (CLTAD) and led by Senior Lecturer Cath Caldwell, the objective of the pilot was to use learning technologies to create a reflective PPD portfolio tool. Students were encouraged to upload their work to create digital portfolios and gain confidence in their own writing and editing.

Here, Cath talks us through the initiative; its aims, outcomes and benefits for both student and practitioner.

Continue reading

Digital technologies – provisonal, an experiment

Shan Wareing, UAL’s Dean of Learning and Teaching Development, presented the University’s strategy for technology enhanced learning and teaching at CSM’s recent digital literacy staff event.  In doing so she noted that ‘our practice involving digital is like our teaching and research – provisional, an experiment.’  This simple statement provides a firm platform or guidance for the way in which we might approach the continuing exploration of digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching – as an ongoing creative experiment. Continue reading

CSM All Staff Digital Literacy Event

September’s all staff Digital Literacy event provided an opportunity for colleagues to find out about some of the ways in which digital tools and social media are being used at CSM.

To start off Shan Wareing, UAL’s Dean of Learning and Teaching, provided a contextual overview of ways in which digital technologies are being approached at the university, CLTAD’s Nancy Turner fed back on key themes arising from the recent international conference ‘Designs on E-Learning’, and Angus Eason gave an update on MOODLE. They were joined by CSM colleagues who gave quick-fire presentations about their own uses of digital technologies to support the student experience.

It was acknowledged that we are experiencing radical shifts in the variety and complexity of HE provision globally – for example, the current blossoming of massive open online courses (MOOCs) adds to the fluidity and multiplicity of educational provision, and provides new environments for learning.  This evolving and complex educational landscape is one in which digital technologies are playing an increasingly significant part, and as such, staff and students need to become digitally literate. Continue reading

Digital breadcrumbs

YouTube Preview Image

GPS enabled Aero chocolate wrappers, and online retailer’s claim that every item it sells is fitted with a microchip enabling the object to be tracked anywhere in the world, suggest that our need for digital literacy extends to the material world. So, do we need to understand the significance of the digital breadcrumbs that we, and our material possessions, leave in everyday life? Continue reading