Digital literacy within arts and design education?

Connecetd digital devices enabling cafe communication

Connected digital devices enabling online and offline communication in the cafe studio

When we consider how to start mapping what ‘digital literacy’ means within the context of a dynamic arts and design educational environment, and ever changing socio-technical systems, where do we start? Do we frame the exploration as a network-topological study, attend to the politics of search engines, and investigate our digital trace routes? Whatever the answer, it’s essential that digital literacy is not perceived simply as a set of technical skills.

Colleagues at UAL are forming a focus group that seeks to address the vital question of what digital literacy means at the University, and they aim to develop a shared set of definitions and competencies. By working with staff and students from all areas of the institution there is the chance to draw a broad and coherent map of our current digital practices, and desires for the future, within art and design education. This knowledge can then be used as a platform and springboard to develop collectively a meaningful and enlightened framework.

To participate in this activity and help to shape the understanding of 21c digital literacy within arts higher education, contact Chris Follows – manager of UAL DIAL project.  You can contribute either online or in a group get-together, and your insights and enthusiasm would be hugely appreciated.


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