Free Workshop: Video and Audio for eLearning

This workshop explores the ways in which digital video and audio can be used to improve learning and teaching. Participants will be introduced to some of the tools and techniques used for creating and distributing video and audio resources and have the opportunity to produce a video and/or audio resource using the available hardware and software tools.

A flexible approach is taken to the delivery of this workshop to ensure that areas of particular interest to participants receive the most attention.

Who should attend?

Teaching staff who wish to learn how to produce and use video and audio elements in learning and teaching. Attendees are expected to have a basic proficiency in working with computers, such as navigating file systems, switching between applications and using a web browser.

What is the overall aim?

This workshop will enable participants to identify where video and audio elements can enhance learning and teaching and show them the most effective ways of producing and using video and audio with their students. This is a valuable opportunity for hands-on learning.

What are the expected Learning Outcomes?

On completing this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Understand how the effective use of video and audio can enhance learning and teaching.
  • Understand the benefits and barriers to the effective use of video and audio in their own context.
  • Capture and edit video and audio for a variety of purposes.
  • Choose and use suitable formats of video and audio.
  • Make video and audio resources available to their students.
  • Identify sources of further information and support.

Key course information

Course Type: Workshop
Target Audience: All Staff
Accreditation: No
Cost: Free
Dates: See Online Booking Form
Course Times: See Online Booking Form
Location: RP G07, 5 Richbell Place, WC1N 3LA
Facilitator: E-Learning Team
Booking: Online Booking Form