CSM students contribute to My Digital Life

New My Arts portal

New My Arts portal

Charlotte Webb, Project Manager of the university’s My Digital Life project seeks to improve student engagement with the planning, development and implementation of digital projects at UAL. Charlotte has been working with CSM and provides a brief overview of how the College’s student community is contributing to My Digital Life.

Student engagement can take place in relation to students’ own learning, curriculum development, institutional operations and processes of institutional change. This project focuses on the latter, with the emphasis on digital projects that are effecting fundamental changes in the University. These projects include things like the transition from Blackboard to Moodle, the development of a new My Arts portal, and the re-development of the UAL website.

As the project reaches the halfway point, CSM students are continuing to get involved.

MA Innovation Management student, Rita Fernandez, is a member of the project team, and has provided excellent input, including ideas on how we can improve the My Digital Life blog. When asked what she would like to see on the blog, she stated

 I get most of my general technology news from Mashable, so I think I’d rather see things on there that are relevant to UAL and me as a student. What’s the status with Moodle? Why will it be better for me as a student? Why is there going to be a new myarts?


We plan to shift the focus of future blog posts so they contain more specific UAL student focused content. CSM students took part in a recent ‘Talking Techs’ event at Kings Cross. They were filmed answering questions about digital technology in an inflatable pod. One of the questions was ‘How do you use technology in your artistic practice?’

BA Acting student Theo said

For me it comes down to research for characters, so I spend a lot of time using it to find historical evidence for things, looking into different practitioners as well, and basically just enriching my characters’ lives as far as I can.


BA Fashion Communication and Promotion students Auzana, Eri and Coco said:

Auzana: We use Facebook for group projects – we create groups on Facebook. It’s easy to communicate…

Eri: we can post pictures or films or whatever…

Coco: and also get updates of every members’ situation. And also we use Tumblr sometimes to make a visual portfolio online…

Eri: so we can work together…

Coco: and save time!

The videos will be posted to the My Digital Life blog soon.

CSM students also attended a recent feedback session on the new MyArts portal. The new portal has been re-designed to give students easier access to UAL services such as library, email, calendars and Moodle. Their feedback will be used to help finalise the functionality before the official launch at the start of the new academic year.

Xanthe Childs, Programme Manager, Digital Life, who attended all sessions, explianed:

I had almost expected people to ‘turn up, tick a few boxes and collect the vouchers’ but this was not the case, I think it is wonderful that so many students wanted to contribute something to UAL.


CSM students can still provide online feedback now, by going to the current MyArts page and clicking on the black button on the top right saying ‘We’ve got a new MyArts for you to try’.

Finally, MA Innovation Management students presented at the last My Digital Life event, which you can read about on the My Digital Life blog and on the Digital Present blog