Designs on eLearning Conference 2014 – Texas, US

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The 2014 DeL conference took place in Texas in September 2014. It brought together academics from Canada, America and Europe to explore the impact of digital technologies on the evolving pedagogic landscape, and asked how these transformations are influencing art and design teaching practices. Through a series of presentations, workshops and panel discussions, the event questioned how we can maximize the potential of digital technology to improve student learning.

The University of the Arts London made a broad and deep contribution to this international conference, sharing research, case studies, futures thinking and technical know-how.

Boards JO MORRISON DeLCreative Communities: expanding conceptions of digital literacy
Jo Morrison, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

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Siobhan and Charlotte

What’s technology got to do with it? Mapping Art, Design and Fashion students’ use of and attitudes to digital technology for their learning
Charlotte Webb and Siobhan Clay, University of the Arts London


Darren Gray and Jo Morrison

Mapping Relationships with e-Learning 
Darren Gray and Jo Morrison, University of the Arts London


David White Cultural flips: the digital as the home of learning
David White, University of the Arts London


Texas hair cut Texas road junction Texas roadhouse

Creative Cross-cultural Connections: Facebook as a Third Space for Learning and Collaboration
Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, University of the Arts London

Traditional and Innovative Approaches/Open education resources and curriculum
Cyril Shing, University of the Arts London

Creating space that bridges gaps: can an online learning environment encourage new learners?
Jon Martin, University of the Arts London

Shooting from the Hip: Fashion Film Practice & Mobile Technologies
Andy Lee, University of the Arts London

Getting to Know You: An Online Pre-entry Transition Project (work-in-progress)
Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Diana Aronstam, University of the Arts London



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