BA Fashion Communication and Promotion: Challenging assumptions

Student blog

CSM tutor Hywel Davies and the second year BA Fashion Communication and Promotion (FCP) cohort at CSM have been exploring the uses of blogs to support collaboration within an arts and design environment. The students are working in groups to produce short film responses to a forthcoming prestigious exhibition in London, and they are investigating blogs as part of the project.

In the spirit of my ‘findings on the fly’ open research approach, this article shares insights from the study thus far. Continue reading

Blogging: how to use myblog.arts

Image from blog post on urban art

Image from blog post on urban art

A blog is an online reflective journal where other internet users can post comments – there are over 160 million blogs in existence. Blogs are regularly used for commentary or for personal reflection, and at CSM many students are using blogs as part of their learning activities, and staff as part of their practice. Continue reading