Developing OTTeR: video tutorials and workshop support

OTTeR – Teaching and Technical Resources – is a portal designed to support students at CSM by providing information about workshop staff, facilities, accessibility and crucially, video tutorials. Developed by Ray Barker, Muz Mehmet and Angus Main, it features a range of videos that reinforce workshop inductions, and equipment and technique demonstrations, but hopes are to make it comprehensive, covering as many disciplines as possible. CSM’s technical specialist, Ray Barker, spoke to us about OTTeR’s development so far, its crossover with, and the way digital tools like these support student learning.


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LCF blog: learning video guidelines

LCF Learning video guides

LCF learning video guides

Ollie Furlong is LCF’s Learning Technology Support Manager, and is at the forefront of the College’s learning video production, as well as its new lecture capture system.  He and his colleagues have created a blog that focuses on different aspects of learning videos, including a really helpful section of reference links. Continue reading